Weather Applied Metrics Team
Peter Jackson, Co-Founder & Chairman of the BOD

Innovative and ambitious CEO, President, and Board Member with 30 years of executive management experience including 12 years of public company management. Competitive and passionate leader of consumer and enterprise technology companies. Highly skilled in identifying unmet consumer needs and growing companies exponentially and positioning them for funding and subsequent acquisition.

Peter is an avid sports fan, former D1 soccer player for UC Berkeley, and has two sons who have played in Major League Baseball.

Doug Sinton, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Doug has a PhD in Atmospheric Science from UCLA and is an Emeritus Professor at San Jose State University, where he was on the faculty of the Meteorology Department for 20 years.

His work at SJSU included helping develop the San Francisco International Airport Marine Stratus Forecast System which has been in continuous operation since 1995 and which he continues to develop and maintain. He also helped develop the San Francisco Bay Wind project. Other research interests include the genesis of tropical storms and hurricanes.

John Farley, Co-Founder & COO

John Farley holds a MS in Meteorology from San Jose State University, where he received the honor of Graduate of the Last Decade from the College of Science in 2001. While in Graduate School, John worked with a team to create mathematical models that forecast the fog at San Francisco International Airport. His team was given the Excellence in Aviation Award from the FAA in 2002.

As a consultant for a Pacific Gas and Electric, his responsibilities included temperature, wind, snow, and severe weather forecasting, as well as modeling long-term electricity generation forecasts for proposed wind farms. For 6 years John was the General Partner for Glacier Point Capital, where he and his team created weather models used to trade commodities.

John is an EMMY Award winning meteorologist, and is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist with the American Meteorological Society.

Bill Martin, Co-Founder

Bill graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Physical Geography with an emphasis in Climatology and 3 years postgraduate at San Francisco State studying Atmospheric Science. After San Francisco State, an internship at KRON Television (NBC), in San Francisco led him to become Chief Meteorologist at KFTY(Ind) in Santa Rosa for 2 years.

He later moved to KPIX(CBS) in San Francisco where he was their morning show meteorologist for 2 years, and in 1993 landed at KTVU Bay Area doing weekends. At that time KTVU did not have a weather department, and he was given the opportunity of creating and building KTVU's weather brand from the ground up. Bill became the Chief Meteorologist in 1995.

In 2014, after over 25 years forecasting weather in the Bay Area, he was one of 6 meteorologists in the country chosen to go to the White House to interview President Obama on Climate Change. Bill is an EMMY Award winning meteorologist, and is a Certified Broadcast Meteorologist with the American Meteorological Society.

Ken Arneson, VP of Engineering

Ken is an experienced software engineer who has worked at several internet startups. He holds a B.A. in English from UC Berkeley, and a B.S. in Computer Science from Cal State Hayward.

In 2005, Ken founded Baseball Toaster, a popular baseball blogging web site. In addition to writing there, he has also written articles for the leading online sabermetric journal, Baseball Prospectus.

A dual US-Swedish citizen, Ken thinks the old Swedish proverb, "There is no bad weather, only bad clothes," is quite apt for the goals of this project. He looks forward to helping the sports industry become better prepared for the weather.

Brett Jackson, VP of Marketing

Brett is a former Major League Baseball player for the Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks. After retiring from baseball in 2015, he has worked in the tech start-up space, most notably for the sports science technology company, Sparta Science, where he worked directly with professional and collegiate sports organizations to predict and prevent injuries and improve performance with Sparta's force plate data analytics.

Having played in Wrigley's notorious elements, Brett is excited to apply WAM's game changing insights to sports, aiding in-game play, statistical depth, and the viewer experience.

Jeff Neubarth, BOD

Jeff Neubarth is a three-time EMMY Award winning sports television producer with over two decades of experience. His credits include all three editions of Capital One's The Match, network TV Golf, multiple Olympic Games, the World Series, and NBA Finals among other events. He currently is the executive producer for Callaway Media Productions.

Jeff's vast experience enables WAM to showcase the weather story for each sporting event and understand the needs of a production team. His key responsibility with WAM will be helping to develop this technology so it is user friendly to all broadcasts, leagues, and teams.

Jack Farley, Developer

Jack Farley is a physics student at Duke University. He has five years of mathematical and computer modeling experience.

Jack is an avid baseball fan, and is excited to know more about the game using mathematics.